Another interesting and recent podcast of a Baha’is experiences in Iran:

A Baha’i from Iran who came to the United States to finish his medical schooling. After completing his schooling, he returned to Iran and worked at a Baha’i hospital called Red Lion Society. When the Khomeini regime took over, they confiscated the hospital, assassinated the chief of staff, Dr. Hakim, and arrested or killed other Baha’i physicians working there. Bahman and his family happened to be in the US when this happened, so he stayed in the US and practiced medicine here. He’s now retired and is volunteering for two Baha’i-inspired institutions, Health for Humanity and the Tahirih Justice Center.

We are still deeply concerned about Baha’i human rights abuses within Iran. The Baha’i faith does not compete with our religion and in fact it welcomes and respects it, as most of its followers do, so why must they continue to go through such injustice… and why in the name of Islam?

God bless our Baha’i brothers and sisters. Let it be known that this growing network of Muslims is here to support them and their human rights within our countries.

Listen to the alarming podcast below. Click here to visit the website of the radio show that produced this: A Baha’i Perspective.