An excellent overview from Marco, a Portuguese Baha’i, whose one year old post still applies firmly today. Many Muslims continue to ask the questions, “Who are the Baha’is?” and “Are their beliefs Satanic?” which is also the title of an Aljazeera Magazine article:

Article excerpt:

“Supporting the Bahais in their quest for recognition, just like Christians and Muslims, is another attempt to shake the unity of the Egyptian society”

Marco’s reply:

Baha’is are recognized as a religion in many countries, just like Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and others? Did that shake the unity of those countries? Or… are such countries more tolerant to religious diversity than Egypt?


I am surprised that you were not able to answer your own questions (are bahais satanic or trying to establish a political party?) Let me answer you: baha’is don’t get involved in politics! As for Satanism, check the activities of the Baha’is all over the world and decide whether those are satanic activities.

In the powerful conclusion:

A FINAL NOTE: Other Muslims countries (Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Sudan, Tunisia and Emirates) do give ID cards to baha’is. So this is not a problem of Baha’is vs. Muslims. It is a problem concerning the civil rights of Baha’is in Egypt.

Indeed this is not a question of faith. Our struggle here is not to blend or mix these faiths together as they do differ and we all respect that, our struggle here to ensure their rights as humans. They are, as evidenced in Marco’s entry, a peaceful minority within certain countries who persecute and abuse them merely because of their religious path.

This is why we as Muslims are condemning it. It’s happening in the name of Islam and in Muslim countries, making it our responsibility to at least try and correct this grave error.

To answer the question, “Why support the Baha’is?” there doesn’t seem to be a just reason of why we should not. In other words: Why aren’t we supporting the Baha’is in their struggle for human rights? It serves not only Islam and the Baha’is, but humanity as a whole, and attempts to help us coexist in countries where we currently do not.

Much thanks to Marco for a great post. We encourage our Baha’i friends to keep refuting such arguments.