The Baha’i Faith in Egypt blog notes:

In the 17 July 2007 issue of Egypt’s Nahdet Misr newspaper, an article was published describing Egypt’s new project for a law that will prohibit discrimination between its citizens.

The article explains that Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) was charged by the government with the responsibility of proposing a law that would eliminate all forms of discrimination in Egypt, including “the official resolution of the situation of the Baha’is, the inclusion of Copts living abroad in their deliberations, and addressing the prevailing trend of torture.”

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The author optimistically concludes:

This is a huge step forward for Egypt in its efforts to find “radical solutions” for the civil and human rights crises that have plagued the country recently. The intentions of this project clearly conform to the high standards expected from such a nation that is endowed with the world’s most ancient great civilization. If Egypt embarks and remains on such a path, its future will definitely be brighter and it can become again a beacon of light for the rest to admire.

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We are hoping for the best! Egypt must prove its worth by taking such a step forward. It is capable of such an achievement, and we would like to have our faith in the country restored.