Iran’s human rights record in general is rather disturbing, but thanks to one of our recent readers here we have been alerted on a special report which targets the Baha’i persecutions in Iran. You can read the report here (PDF format.) It has been compiled by the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center. The report is 110 pages long.

There is also a TV show aired in 1983 documenting the experience of Baha’is in Iran (note, we realize the bias within the video, but one must focus on the facts alone.) Regardless of how it’s being reported, these things did actually happen. We need to address them.

On behalf of all the other Muslims who allowed for this to happen, by either being silent or by directly contributing to this human rights abuse, we would like to apologize. The Baha’i Faith in many ways remains to be a forbidden one in our societies until we officially recognize it as a religion, which its members should be able to practice as a right to religious and individual freedom. We stand by our Baha’i brothers and sisters through this struggle, and demand that this right be recognized by our governments, our people, and our school systems. We would like to see the day that our friends can say “I am Baha’i” with pride without facing any consequences or discriminative behavior. Muslim activists within Iran in particular must help the Baha’is within the country take this much needed step forward.