There are many people, especially Muslims, who don’t know what the Baha’i faith is (and despite that some continue to discriminate against them). Here are some guides to introduce those not familiar with the religion.

The International website of the Baha’i faith: This site is an extensive one that provides a full guide to the religion, latest news of Baha’i events worldwide, and helpful research tools to help you understand the faith and its followers better. Click here if you want a very direct answer to “What is the Baha’i Faith?” and you will find much more on the site’s informative FAQ page.

Baha’i faith on Wikipedia: This is another guide that is useful for those wanting an introduction. Individual categories within the article allow readers to find what they want with ease. It also provides a lot of extra information for those who want to learn more.

BBC profile: This is a good source for those wanting to learn more about the Baha’i culture and society.

For endless other sources, run a quick Google search and you will hopefully find what you want to know about the religion.